Sponsorship Opportunities

Basic Meeting Sponsor ($100)

For a business to sponsor a meeting the cost is $100 plus the dinner fee. For this you are given 10 minutes at the meeting to talk about your goods or services to attendees. You can distribute handouts, set up a table and leave information on the table. Your Business Name and Logo will be included in your sponsored meeting announcements to members.

Premium Meeting Sponsor ($200)

Basic Meeting Sponsor benefits plus a short ad in meeting mailings and company name and logo on our website for 3 months with a link to your company website.

Sponsor a meeting

Annual Sponsor ($500)

Basic Sponsor benefits plus name, logo and small ad on our website for one year, including a link to your company website. Additionally, name and logo will appear in all chapter emails for one year and you may give up to two 10-minute presentations about your goods or services at chapter meetings.

Become an Annual Sponsor